Collection: Face Mask

Our brand of itoro is specialize in Luxurious Premium Italian Leather Phone Case and Premium Leather Goods and Accessories; But this is one of part business in our Company. And we have our own manufacturer.

And we have extensive export experience of mask to US,Euro and other country successful till now with all certificate, export license, productive license, and FDA, CE and related doc.

Now we have expanded the new production line for make the 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask & KN95 Mask and also fulfill the related regulations and qualifications. And the KIDS face mask also available. We appreciate you interested to order the mask.

Big News: We're producing Kids Mask, 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask, KN95 Face Mask, Microcrystalline Titanium Silver Antibacterial Efficient Children Face Mask, Microcrystalline Titanium Silver Antibacterial Efficient Face Mask and Microcrystalline Titanium Silver Antibacterial KN95 Face Mask from our own manufacturer, now we're opening accept the order form all customers.

if you want to buy it for yourself and your family's please just directly go through our website link at below: It's Branded Online Shopping Website, Safe Guarantee, Don't worry about the seller disappeared after payment, and we would do the refundable when you do not received the goods cause by our manufacturer uncompleted your order at finally. Shopping Safe!